The materials

To make its shoes, the Men & Panda team uses a multitude of colorful leathers, carefully selected. Discover all the secrets of our precious leathers below!

The smooth leather used is calfskin, tanned in different ways depending on the desired finish. It can be slightly patinated like our Cognac leather, or have a vintage effect, like the Brun des Andes leather. It is a material that is extremely resistant to hazards and has a long lifespan.
It can be used on both sober cuts and eccentric models. Its classic appearance blends perfectly with other materials for daring creations.

Grained leather is smooth leather that has undergone an embossing process: it is pressed between two raised metal plates which give it a grain. This can be more or less fine depending on the desired result. It brings a lot of character to the leather and an original and elegant style. It is very popular on moccasins.

Suede leather, commonly called "suede", is in fact the reverse side of the animal's skin, on the flesh side. Beyond a very nice color rendering, its suppleness and velvety feel make it a particularly pleasant leather to wear. It can also be found under the names “velvet calfskin” or “reversed leather”. No more doubts now!

Nubuck is a classic leather whose grain has been finely sanded to obtain a particularly soft velvety feel. Very loaded with pigments, it wonderfully reflects the most intense colors, such as blues, reds and even blacks. It is as rigid as leather and particularly appreciated for its strength and shine.