Shoes & Leather Goods

The fabric

All our shoes as well as our leather goods are made in Tunisia .

At the heart of our creative process, our workshop becomes the true craftsman of our identity. We don't just team up with our partners, we create our shoes and leather goods in an artisanal way, from design to production.

Every pair of hands that touches our products is an integral part of our dedicated team . By manufacturing in our workshop, we guarantee not only exceptional quality, but also an intimate understanding of every detail, every seam, and every nuance of our craft.

Our team, on a human scale, is made up of passionate and dedicated craftsmen. Together, we prefer traditional know-how to mass, thus preserving the authenticity of our creations. Production in our workshop is not just a choice, it is an affirmation of our commitment to local craftsmanship and maintaining a treasured heritage.

At Men & Panda, every product that leaves our workshop bears the mark of an authentic story, shaped by expert hands and an unwavering dedication to excellence. Thank you for sharing this adventure with us.

Accessible & Fair Price

Our objective is to make the quality of Tunisian clothing accessible .

By making our products close to our consumers, we reduce the impact of the transport of our products on the environment.

Directly with our customers, we sell only online, without intermediaries , whose margins would increase the final sale price. Unlike traditional fashion industry practices, we apply a reasonable margin.